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Class Schedule

Add a Class Schedule Calendar                                                                                                

To setup Class Schedule style, you need to add or create a class schedule calendar to your Google calendar or other Calendars(such as Microsoft Outlook, etc.) first.

Steps to create a Class Calendar in Google Calendar:

  1. From drop-down My calendars, choose Create new calendar
  2. Give a calendar name like 'My Class Schedule'
  3. Create class events as needed, make sure to specify the right repeat rule(Mostly weekly or Biweekly). You can also create one time event like term exam or special class.

A sample class calendar is shown on left side.

Setup Style for Class Calendar                                                                                             

Once the class calendar is synced to your phone, you can take the following steps to setup the style for the calendar:

  1. Open Options->Settings menu
  2. In Calendar Setup, select the class calendar you would like to setup the style.
  3. In calendar setup view, select Class Schedule as style.
  4. Exit the setup view and the style for the class calendar is saved.
  5. You will notice the calendar icon for the calendar is changed.

* You can set up as many calendars as class style you like.   For example, you can setup class schedule for you gym class, you kids' practice class or your personal training class, etc.

The default view for class calendar is hourly week view.  Once a class calendar is chosen from calendar drop down, it will be shown in Hourly Week view

Contrary to normal hourly view, the view will not be shown in 24 hour scroll view format. Instead, the app will find the lowest class start time and highest class end time in the week and display them in the calculated time frame. User will be able to see the whole week picture without  scrolling view up and down.

Each class will be assigned a unique color to identify them instead of using the default calendar color.

Tip: You can double tap your phone to enter Full screen mode to have a better view of the class schedule