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Country Holiday Style


Add Or Create Country Holiday Calendar from Google Calendar

To setup country/district holiday style, you need add or create the holiday calendar to your Google calendar first .

Google Calendar offers a selection of calendars covering country holidays. To access a directory of these public calendars, In your Google Calendar web site, click Add at the bottom of the calendar list on the left and select Browse Interesting Calendars.

When browsing, click Preview to view events on the calendar before adding it to your list.

Click Subscribe subscribe to  interesting Country/District holiday calendar -- it will be added to the Other Calendars section of your calendar list. For calendars that you're already subscribed to, you'll see the option to Unsubscribe.

The subscribed calendar will be  synced to your phone if the Google calendar account is already synced to your phone.

Alternatively, you can create your own Country Holiday Calendar and add holiday event to it and then synced it to your phone.


Setup Style for Country/District Holiday Calendar

Once the country holiday calendar is synced to your phone, you can take the following steps to setup the style for the calendar:

  1. Open Options->Settings menu
  2. In Calendar Setup, select the country holiday you would like to setup the style, For example: US Holidays.
  3. In calendar setup view, select Country Holiday as style and pick up the country flag for the country holiday.
  4. Exit the setup view and the style for the country is saved.
The country calendar style is best viewed in Month Full View:

  1. From the calendar selection drop-down list, select the country holiday you are interested such as US holidays as shown.
  2. Make sure the month view type is full view. 
  3. The holiday will be shown with the country flag and full title.


 The Holiday event can also be viewed in day view and month list view with style icon associated with title