Frequently Asked Questions

  1. From Option Menu -> Settings -> Accounts.
  2. Select Add account
  3. Select Corporate Sync or Exchange Account
  4. Enter DOMAIN\username, password, and Exchange server email address.
  5. Check Use Secure Connection and Accept All SSL Certificates.
  6. After authentication, check the boxes associated with the features you want to include. Make sure Sync Calendar is checked

How can I display all my Google calendars and keep them up to date?

This might be a Google Calendar sync or cache issue. Here are the steps to clear up the cache and re-sync with Google Calendar:
1. From Option Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications
2. Select All, find  Calendar Storage
3. Select Clear data and confirm with OK
4. Restart your phone and sync again. Your calendar data should be up to date.

You also need to make sure  the calendar sync is checked in settings.
1. From Option Menu -> Settings -> Accounts.
2. Select the Google account or other account(s) with calendar data to sync
3. Make sure Sync Calendar is checked.
4. Wait a bit and calendar data will be synced in background. 

How do I quickly navigate to Today's view?

Long click in the center of the title bar to access today's view or use Options menu 'Today'

How do I hide/show the calendar selection window?

Click in the center area of the title bar to hide /show the calendar selection window(Notice the dimmed arrow changes in the center of the header).  This setting is persistent.   

How do I refresh calendar data manually?

1. Long Click on Calendar Selection Window will refresh calendar data selected. If  All Calendars bar is selected, all calendars will be refreshed.

2. Alternatively,  Use Option menu Refresh to refresh the current selected calendar(s).

How do I show time in 12 or 24 hour format?

  1. Go to Option menus Settings, In Display->Time Format section, select 12 or 24 format.
  2. Exit Checkmark Calendar and restart it again. The time format will be changed.
  3. For widget, click refresh icon in Month view or header in Week view to refresh event data

How do I enter/exit full screen mode?

  1. To enter full screen mode, double tap on the screen will get you in the full screen mode.
  2. To exit full screen mode, double tap again will get you out of full screen. Or click option menu Exit Full Screen while in full screen mode.

How do I switch between weekday(5 day without weekend) display or full week display?

The icon in the week or month view header will show 5 in full week or 7 in weekday view. Tap on the icon will switch the display.