Calendar Selection                                                                                      

When user accesses Checkmark Calendar for the first time,  All Calendars(default view) will be selected. Checkmark Calendar will query user's synced calendars(Google Calendars, Microsoft Outlook, etc.)  and retrieve the calendar data out of the displayable calendars. If Checkmark To Do List Manager (Pro or Free) is  installed,  it will be included as well.

To switch to different calendar, simply click on the Calendar Chooser on the top left corner of the window, from Calendar Selection window select the calendar you want and it will be shown in corresponding calendar view(day, week, month and agenda)

Checkmark Calendar comes with built-in Calendars which can be used to view special calendar data as well:
For detailed information, please go to specific calendar to find out more.

Steps to add other Calendars to your phone such as Microsoft outlook or Yahoo Calendar, etc.:
  1. From Option Menu -> Settings -> Accounts.
  2. Select Add account
  3. Select Corporate Sync or Exchange Account
  4. Enter DOMAIN\username, password, and Exchange server email address.
  5. Check Use Secure Connection and Accept All SSL Certificates.
  6. After authentication, check the boxes associated with the features you want to include. Make sure Sync Calendar is checked
 Calendar View Type                                                                                    

Checkmark Calendar provides 4 different kinds of view style: Day, Week, Month, Agenda
Tap on the icon to switch to the view type of the calendar.

Year view type will be provided in later release.
 Click Operation                                                                                            
Long click
on the center area of title bar will take user to Today's view.

on the center area of title bar will hide /show the calendar selection window
Swipe Operation                                                                                           

Swipe Left
or Click on Back Arrow key will move Calender one day in day view, one week in week view or one month in month view back.

Swipe Right
or Click on Forward Arrow key will
move Calender one day in day view, one week in week view or one month in month view forward.
Full Screen Mode                                                                                         

Full Screen mode
will allow user to view calendar data with more space, it will hide the Calendar View Header and replace Day, Week or Month header with shorter header(A month view in full screen mode as shown).

ouble Tap on screen in Calendar View will enter the calendar view in Full Screen mode.
Double Tap in Full Screen mode will revert the screen to normal view.

In full screen mode, you can go to option menu Exit Full Screen to exit from full screen mode if needed(For user who are not aware of the double tap operation).
Refresh Calendar Data                                                                              

Long Click
on Calendar Selection Window will refresh Calendar data selected. If 'All Calendars' is selected, all calendars will be refreshed.

Alternatively, user can go to options menu->Refresh to do the same.