Release Notes

Version 1.6
1. Added calendar style for country holiday and religious holiday. Visit for more info about UI and setup.
2. Fixed several issues regarding multiple day event display and edit.
3. Integrate more info with Checkmark To Do List Manager
4. Improved user interface.

Version 1.5.1
1. Fixed the end time same as start time issue
2. Fixed checklist edit issue for Checkmark to do list manager

Version 1.5
1. Added week start day setting.
2. Added date format setting(long and short)
3. Added time format setting(24hour format vs 12 hour format)
4. Fixed click invoke issue in month view for certain day.

Version 1.4
1. Added 4x1 weekday view widget
2. Added 4x4 month view widget(Pro version only)

Version 1.0

Checkmark Calendar is released to Android marketplace.