Zodiac Calendar

Zodiac Calendar is a special built-in calendar which displays zodiac signs and their information . The calendar is best viewed in Full Month view . The calendar is in introduced in version 2.2. 

Zodiac Calendar is intrinsically associated with Contacts Calendar.  If a contact has birthday defined, it will show the zodiac sign for the given contact in the detail view.  Similarly, the zodiac sign information window will list all contacts with the same zodiac sign.

User can show or hide the Zodiac Calendar from dashboard in Option menu Settings by check/uncheck the calendar. The calendar is shown by default.
The calendar is viewable in Full Month view in which zodiac sign's icon will be shown.

Click on the icon will take user to zodiac information window.

 The information window will show detailed information about the zodiac sign:

  • Element
  • Ruling Planet
  • Compatible Signs
  • Incompatible Signs
  • Contacts
  • Positive Trains
  • Negative Traits
Click on the Compatible Signs will take user to zodiac information window for that sign.
Click on the contact picture will take user to Contacts app.

 The detailed day view show contact with zodiac sign.

Click on the zodiac sign will take user to zodiac information window.